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Binky Miller: Liver Transplant: My Story

Dr. Eugene Schiff entered my life 20 years ago. Liver disease was our common denominator. I had it and he studied it. With superior knowledge and gentle compassion he directed my journey from knowledge of the culprit, Hepatitis C, through the cirrhosis phase to his ultimate announcement, “It’s time now to discuss transplantation.” I never lost faith in Dr. Schiff and he never lost faith in me. He knew that I was a determined, stubborn fighter. Earning a Ph.D. and teaching, raising a family, being a builder, and actively running a business of buying and selling antiques must have convinced him that I had what it takes to treat a transplanted liver with the respect it deserves. Respect. I am one of thousands that owe our lives to the incomparable Dr. Eugene Schiff. And from the beginning with gratitude I supported his efforts to create this Schiff Liver Institute. With the expertise of surgeons, Drs. Andreas Tzakis and David Levi, I am now six years “out” and doing extremely well. I have written a book, “LIVER TRANSPLANT: MY STORY” and with the deepest thanks I dedicated it to Dr. Schiff and Dr. Tzakis. If you’d like, you can order a copy from my publisher “AUTHORHOUSE.COM” or from any bookstore. It is also available in the ebook version.