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Blacher: Strengthening Research to Combat Liver Diseases

An entrepreneur who created a Florida business treating patients with alcoholism, bipolar illness, and drug addiction, in 2003 Blacher got in touch with Lennox Jeffers, M.D., professor of medicine and associate chief of liver disease at the Miller School.

Jeffers prescribed a potent pharmaceutical cocktail that dramatically lowered Blacher’s viral count, but whose side effects included joint pain and low white blood cell counts. “My levels are beginning to become normal again,” Blacher notes of the hepatitis C virus in his liver, “Its taken months to get back to this place.” Reminiscent of his training regimen when he raced cars, Blacher has been lifting weights, exercising, swimming, and watching his diet to aid his recovery. Grateful that his hepatitis C is under control, Blacher established an endowment last year that gives the Miller School $100,000 annually for five years to research liver disease.