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Phil Corey: Aiding the Fight Against Liver Diseases

Smart enough to have built a lucrative seafood business and to have attended medical school, Phil Corey couldn’t wrap his brain around the simplest of concepts: his own mortality.

Welcome to the confounding world of asymptomatic liver disease. You feel fit as a fiddle, but at the same time your doctor somberly warns of cirrhosis, liver cancer, and ultimately transplantation. Who to believe—your physician or your body?
Hard-driving, opinionated, and stubborn, Corey laughingly admits that his obstinence occasionally drove Eugene Schiff, M.D., Director of the Schiff Center, crazy. Ultimately Corey had a reality check, followed by liver transplantation surgery. He has pledged $3.5 million to the Miller School of Medicine, with $1.5 million going to the Center for Liver Diseases, transplantation, and gastroenterology, along with a gift to athletics.